Fax Purchasing Decision: Fax Server or Fax Service?

Today, the buyer is still faced with a decision of whether to buy a fax server or a fax service. A fax server offers tighter integration with applications than many fax services. It allows user to retain control over the in-house fax server and it allows user access to greater customization capabilities. Fax servers also offer mature technology which may be more comfortable to majority users.
The Bavo Fax Server is an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage fax server. Companies using the Bavo
faxserver can efficiently and securely send and receive documents through fax, e-mail, print devices, or the Internet. The Bavo Fax Server increases employee productivity by automating fax delivery of user-created documents; reduces costs by traditional manual faxing, paper,and improves customer service by providing secure, confirmed, and immediate document delivery.
The Bavo Fax Server allows organizations to reduce costs, save time, and improve productivity by enabling users to send, receive, and manage documents directly from desktop, e-mail, and other business applications. the Bavo Fax Server further increases worker productivity by allowing users to view, create, and manage all voicemail, email and fax communications from a single inbox that can be accessed from PCs, telephones, and mobile devices.