Network Fax Server ROI: What you don’t know could be a Cash Saver

One of the most productivity-enhancing and cost-effective improvements to those companies that are fax intensive has been the move to computer based faxing by a network. To get jobs done accurately, and quickly is to use a network fax server which is better than a regular fax machine. It doesn’t matter if you are medium or small organization because the server can decrease your use of paper products and increase the productivity of your employees. Continue reading “Network Fax Server ROI: What you don’t know could be a Cash Saver”

Why Every Company Requires A Fax Server

Every day more and more businesses of all sizes and types are developing or refining their strategy to transmit, store and retrieve their business documents electronically. And while the majority of all electronic document transmission is primarily conducted via Email, or downloaded from the internet, smart organizations realize a critical part of this strategy also involves the handling of their inbound and outbound Fax traffic. Every company needs a Fax Server for the following reasons: Continue reading “Why Every Company Requires A Fax Server”


What is Super G3 fax?

Super G3 Fax Super G3 fax is a kind of fax device by several different companies. Just like ordinary fax devices, it procedures data via telephone lines. Further quality characteristics, however, contain high-speed transmissioning rates and mistake correction systems for images to guarantee superior quality and fast data transfers. For perfect results, the Super G3 fax should send information to another G3 fax device. Super G3 fax devices are specifically helpful for fast communication and file access rather to email. Continue reading “What is Super G3 fax?”